We make sure that everything is properly removed or protected, patch up any irregularities on the walls, sand and caulk where necessary, baseboards are clean, and apply primer.  



- Wood staining and varnishing -

- ceilings -

- garages -

- kitchen cabinets -

- wood trim -

- crown molding -

- chair rails -

- baseboards - 

- doors -

- interior shutters -

- windows -


Exterior Painting:



We make sure that the exterior is fully pressure washed to remove any dirt or loose paint.  We provide any mildew removal. We scrape down surfaces where necessary followed by sanding.  We repair any patches, plaster, and irregularities on the surfaces.  Caulk and waterproof where necessary and apply primer.



- Exterior surfaces -

- Garage and entry doors -

- Windows and shutters -

- Aluminum siding -

- Vinyl siding -

- Paint and repair gates and fences -

- Deck Staining and varnishing -

- Brush application -

- Spray application -

- Trims -



Clean up:

All of this is to ensure that we can give you the closest thing to perfect as a final result.  After the painting is done we make sure to clean up quickly and efficiently putting back anything that was taken out of its place.  All paints and materials are put away carefully so that we don't run the risk of breaking something. 

Paint we use:

We use Benjamin Moore paint but can use a different brand if the client wishes. 


Window Cleaning:


We make sure that everything is properly moved or covered in order to get to the window easily and efficiently. 

We clean the windows with a concentrated form of windex, all that's needed is to mix it with water.  We do both the interior and exterior of windows.  We do Commercial and Residential (Commercial we only go up 3 stories for exterior).  To get a full clean on the windows we make sure to wipe down the window with a wet towel first to remove the piled up dirt and then we wipe it down with a window scrubber, then we use the best quality squeegees to dry the window precisely and cleanly. We make sure to clean the window sills both inside and outside.  

We also clean storm windows ( note: they are more expensive due to there being more windows to clean).  Window screens are taken outside and washed down to remove any dust and dirt that may have piled up on it.  

After everything is clean and ready to go we put back all the furniture that was moved or covered quickly and efficiently so that you can enjoy the beauty of your home.



Gutter Cleaning:

We don't clean gutter the normal way of pulling out the dirt and debris by hand, instead, we use the pressure washer and get a full clean of the gutters. With the pressure washer, we guarantee that there will be no leftover dirt or debris after the clean.  We also make sure that if any dirt or debris get onto the house, it gets clean!  With one teammate cleaning the gutters the other is on the ground level cleaning up the dirt and debris.  


Pressure Washing:

We pressure wash exterior of homes, commercial businesses, decks, walkways, sidewalks, driveways, garages, entryways and more if there are any specific places on the property you're looking to have pressure washed.  We can clean pretty much every surface with our pressure washers and can ensure that wherever we clean will look like new. 


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